Words (of course) are part of the way that humans communicate with each other. It’s not the only way but the most common. Words can convey all kinds of things such as emotions, learning, and protesting just to name a few. Unfortunately, we are all guilty of being careless with the words we speak. The first time I spoke in front of a large group I was given this piece of advice that speaks to the use of words. The advice was that always keep in mind that you have no idea what the people in front of you are going through. You see, this advice seems to be forgotten by people who have spoken in front of larger groups for years if not decades. The same thing happens in our daily lives.

One of the biggest culprits in the poor use of words are e-mails. There is simply no way that you can sense somebody without being in their physical presence. Years ago my older brother and I had words over a family matter. ( of course, if he would have kept his mouth shut the issue was going to be fixed the next morning) I had been married for several years and had come back to my hometown to celebrate our father’s retirement. The words my brother used towards me were ” I’m telling you”. I don’t recall anything he said to me after that and the matter was not resolved the next day. Facebook is another way words matter. A few years back my sister and I were communicating on Facebook when she informed me that I did not have the skill set to be her brother!

So words do matter and we need to be real careful how we use them.

Authors And Writers E-mails

One of the keys that good authors and writers realize is not to overwhelm their followers with e-mails. I know authors are creative by nature and I love hearing about their latest work but please don’t overwhelm people. Then again all of us have the right to follow as many authors as we choose. For me a couple or so a week is fine. Please don’t be like someone recently that was sending me 3 to 4 a day! Of course I put a stop to them!

In this day of all of this so-called modern technology the old adage,” less is more” needs to be used more often. By doing that you will create someone who truly enjoys your work which could lead to a purchase of what you have written. Isn’t that the purpose anyway?