Blog Friends, I Do Miss All Of You

For many of us who have wandered around this blog world for decades, we have those times that life’s events take us away from doing what we love. We often try to avoid it happening but it does. The thing is when these things happen there is such a void in our lives.

In many ways, as we age it gets more and more difficult to find the time or the physical ability.

My first blog went by Duke1959 and that later change to 1959 duke and that went for a very long time. Then one day about 6 years ago my world blew up and although I continued to write some I just had to stop it. It just got too emotionally painful to continue.

This one and Duke’s Place are probably my last 2 blogs and in ways that is sad. Then the question comes? What am I going to do with all of these posts?

As I sit here watching my cat looking out the front door as she is basking in the sun. I can’t help but think that we were all like that when we first started blogging. Life seemed so clearly defined.

Now you look back and wonder how all those wonderful people in my blogging world are doing and I hope their blogging advaentiure has been worth the trip?

Excuse Me My Time Matters!

In any 24-hour time frame, there are 86,000 seconds and those are mine and mine alone except when others think they don’t matter but theirs does. Many of us have been stuck in a grocery store line while the cashier and the customer share stories and laughs. In doing so they are saying their 86,000 seconds are more important than mine! On the subject of grocery lines. Here is a little secret. You will have to pay for your items once you are done. It is a participatory activity so be prepared to pay for your stuff before you get to the end! It is something that ironically has gotten worse over the years. Back in the days when people used cash and people actually knew how to give back change was a much quicker process.

On a much more serious note about time the older you get the more, you realize how precious time is and how many loved ones have passed on.

You see by deciding to read what I have just written you have decided to take some of your 86,000 seconds this day and for that, I am truly appreciative.

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