Living Your Life By The 5 Second Rule

Before I get into what the 5-second rule of life is I think an explanation is in order. Its concept is pretty simple. Whatever comes up in your life you better going take care of it right then because you have no idea what is going to happen 5 seconds from now. For that matter, you have no idea when your last breath will take place.

Having lived like this for the past 6 years or so, like anything in life there are pros and cons. The biggest pro is when something really serious happens you can have your total focus on that.

The biggest con is that it is such a mental and physical strain you will get to the point that life is not fun Sure you will smile in public and even laugh along the way but inside you are mentally waiting to push the go button again.

Will this change for me? It will at some point because that is life. That change could happen at any second but until then it’s 5 seconds at a time.

Parents The Time Hammer Awaits You!

Parents there is a hammer in your future and many of you don’t even realize it. Now I am not talking about a physical hammer but something that is much more dangerous and you need to correct today! You can’t change what has happened in the past but you sure can in the future. This is so urgent that you really need to take a hard look at your life.

This hammer is so dangerous that although your children hold it and they don’t even realize it until they get older!

So what is the hammer I am referencing? The hammer is one word!


One of my favorite sayings is that ” I don’t know or care what my parents got me for Christmas in 1965″. What I do care about is the lack of time I got to spend with my late father. He was working several jobs to provide for our family which is an admirable trait.

This matter really became clear in the early 1970s when I was at football practice and of course, my coach was worried that some bad had happened.

My father’s question was pretty simple. “Can I see my son because we live in the same house and haven’t spoken in 6 weeks”? It was not the typical teenage son thinking that dad was the dumbest person on the planet.

Now he’s gone for good and I would give up anything to just spent 5 more minutes with him.

So you as a parent have a choice. Do you want that hammer to be a big one or a small one? The clock is ticking and it could stop at any second.

Blogging Through The Years

I had my first blog post in 2006( yes I am that old) and at the time I went by duke1959 which was ok but over time I started a new blog 1959 duke which lasted just about forever. Due to the fact, there was too much pain and suffering in them I closed it down sometime back. Life really wasn’t much fun at that point. Then comes the question as to why now? Circumstances in life have changed things so much of my life. Frankly writing is my passion and if I don’t follow it now when? The old-time clock of life is just chugging along and of course, I don’t have any idea when it will stop!

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