A Son’s Request For A Hug Turns Tragic

So many times we take each other for granted and often parents are their teenage children squabble. Sadly those sometimes can lead to pain to bearable to stand.

There was a mother who was having a typical spat with her son over him wanting to go out and she said no. He wanted a hug and she said no as he walked out the door. The next time she saw her precious son he was brain dead. In the end she was forced to ” pull the plug”. He was 17. The woman has never gotten over it to this very day. So every time she leaves her husband ( not her son’s father) they tell each other how they feel about each other. So folks cherish those moments you have because you never know when something like this can happen to you!

An Old Man His Church and Empty Pews

As I sat alone in church this morning I couldn’t help wonder why there are so many empty pews? Yet deep inside I knew the reason. The faces that I had grown to know and love had gone home to their eternal resting place.

Even though for years we knew this transition was going to take place that doesn’t make it any easier in which to deal with. The reality is that there are more on the way and one of them could be me!

It’s been over 20 years since I first took a step into this place. Sure there have been good times and bad but it’s still home and it will be until I take my final breath.

Scramble Eggs Welcome To Life!

So it seems every time you turn around your life looks like scrambled eggs on a Saturday morning? You often lament and wail like a crying baby and that is your choice but leave every else alone. Just go on with your crying and hopefully one day you will come to a simple conclusion. Everybody’s life in one form are scrambled eggs it’s just a matter of how much and realize that some are small and some are larger.

So another way of putting is that you weren’t promised a rose garden which in reality is a misnomer because rose gardens are full of ways to hurt you. There are many examples that could be used to get back to this central point.

Your life is like scrambled eggs and all I can say is welcome to the club!

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