Your Soul Tired?

 As believers often we get so concerned about others that we forget about ourselves. We think if we do then we are being selfish. Over time you start to have problems sleeping (unless your a man over 50 who have another reason for not sleeping). In all seriousness often this problem is caused by what many refer to as a tired soul. You twist and turn for some reason and you can’t figure out why? Many struggles with the concept of a soul in the first place because it is not something you can physically touch. It is something that uniquely yours and you should protect it. So how do you help with that process. The first thing is you need to learn how to say no during your day. Not being able to say no just drains everything out of you. Your soul can take only so much on any given day so you need to protect it. Sure there will be people who won’t be happy when you say no but you have to ask yourself one question?

What’s more important to you making someone else happy or giving your soul some help during your day?

People Passing Through

Here is a harsh reality of life. About 90 to 95 percent of the people you come into connect with are just passing through. Yet it’s foolish to think those people were not important in your life. There are times that God brings these people into your life at just the right time. That’s not to say it can’t be difficult because it can and extremely painful. The thing is you never know which are just passing through and which are there for the long term. But then again wouldn’t life be rather boring if you had the same people to look at day after day!

Living Your Life By The 5 Second Rule

Before I get into what the 5-second rule of life is I think an explanation is in order. Its concept is pretty simple. Whatever comes up in your life you better going take care of it right then because you have no idea what is going to happen 5 seconds from now. For that matter, you have no idea when your last breath will take place.

Having lived like this for the past 6 years or so, like anything in life there are pros and cons. The biggest pro is when something really serious happens you can have your total focus on that.

The biggest con is that it is such a mental and physical strain you will get to the point that life is not fun Sure you will smile in public and even laugh along the way but inside you are mentally waiting to push the go button again.

Will this change for me? It will at some point because that is life. That change could happen at any second but until then it’s 5 seconds at a time.

The Good Old Days

As we age we have a tendency to think of years past as the good old days. I hate to burst that bubble but they weren’t. In the U.S. many look back at the 1950s with fondness. It may be because those were perceived as quieter times. They were not by any imagination. There was the all-out possibility of thermal nuclear war. Those were the days of the old duck and cover drills. You United States Senate hearings on espionage. There was a Senator who openly called the President of the United State a traitor. He died in a plane crash they claimed was an accident. Many others have thought for years that it wasn’t an accident!

Then there was the Koren War which the vast majority of the media didn’t bother to cover. Listen to the stories of what those men and women went through and their bravery cannot be underestimated.

All generations look back with fondness but in the end, their lives like people before had it’s own special problems.

Writing and Life

For those of us who love to write it gets really frustrating when life events get in the way. The reality of life is that they do and that will never change. Of course, that also gives as writer a plethora of new subject matter. What people around us fail to see is that they are all subject to being part of your writing! You learn to change names ( and protect the innocent) with phrasing. I do find it rather amusing that many people think that something I wrote was about them and in reality, it had nothing to do with them at all. For me, it’s a combination of people and events that lead me to write about something. The thing is I never know when these inspirations or events will trigger something and neither do those around me!