For many, there is that belief that you only sin when you’re awake. I am not so sure about that? My contention is that we sin regardless of whether we are sleeping or not. Scripture talks about thoughts, words, and deeds. It does not say when you are sleeping you cannot sin.

Let’s say you are lusting over a lost love from decades ago when you are sleeping. Is that not a sin? What about sleeping and thinking of your dream car? Is that a sin? The list could go on for a long time. I also understand there are different levels of sleep. 

However, I think that only claiming you can sin when your awake you are only fooling yourself. 

You Know What You Must Do

There are times in life you must do something that deep down inside you really don’t want to do but in the end, you know the only person you’re fooling is yourself. Sometimes this requires breaking away from others you have known for decades. You have to accept the fact that others have very full lives and for some reason, you don’t. This is especially tough as you grow older. In the end by making this decision your life really won’t change that much and that creates a void in your soul that cannot be filled.

A Son’s Request For A Hug Turns Tragic

So many times we take each other for granted and often parents are their teenage children squabble. Sadly those sometimes can lead to pain to bearable to stand.

There was a mother who was having a typical spat with her son over him wanting to go out and she said no. He wanted a hug and she said no as he walked out the door. The next time she saw her precious son he was brain dead. In the end she was forced to ” pull the plug”. He was 17. The woman has never gotten over it to this very day. So every time she leaves her husband ( not her son’s father) they tell each other how they feel about each other. So folks cherish those moments you have because you never know when something like this can happen to you!


Words (of course) are part of the way that humans communicate with each other. It’s not the only way but the most common. Words can convey all kinds of things such as emotions, learning, and protesting just to name a few. Unfortunately, we are all guilty of being careless with the words we speak. The first time I spoke in front of a large group I was given this piece of advice that speaks to the use of words. The advice was that always keep in mind that you have no idea what the people in front of you are going through. You see, this advice seems to be forgotten by people who have spoken in front of larger groups for years if not decades. The same thing happens in our daily lives.

One of the biggest culprits in the poor use of words are e-mails. There is simply no way that you can sense somebody without being in their physical presence. Years ago my older brother and I had words over a family matter. ( of course, if he would have kept his mouth shut the issue was going to be fixed the next morning) I had been married for several years and had come back to my hometown to celebrate our father’s retirement. The words my brother used towards me were ” I’m telling you”. I don’t recall anything he said to me after that and the matter was not resolved the next day. Facebook is another way words matter. A few years back my sister and I were communicating on Facebook when she informed me that I did not have the skill set to be her brother!

So words do matter and we need to be real careful how we use them.

Helping Others Is a Choice

Through the years on too many times to count the number of people who have offered to help is false words. If someone truly wants to help someone they will or the excuses will come. It’s a matter of priorities in their lives. It also leads to major trust issues. It would be better and more honest if people would just come clean and say they won’t help. It also leads people who truly need help to stop asking because of these false words!

An Old Man His Church and Empty Pews

As I sat alone in church this morning I couldn’t help wonder why there are so many empty pews? Yet deep inside I knew the reason. The faces that I had grown to know and love had gone home to their eternal resting place.

Even though for years we knew this transition was going to take place that doesn’t make it any easier in which to deal with. The reality is that there are more on the way and one of them could be me!

It’s been over 20 years since I first took a step into this place. Sure there have been good times and bad but it’s still home and it will be until I take my final breath.