Your Life Like An Interstate Highway?

As we take a look at the current interstate highway system we need to take a look back at the concerns before it was built. When it was looked into the fear that over time the culture would become fractured and split. ( and that was before widespread air travel) One could easily argue that those concerns have come true today.

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Then when we take a look at our own lives the same question could be asked. Has your life become so spread out that you have lost sight of what your priorities have become? I contend that for most of us that is exactly what has happened. Has it been intentional? In some cases yes but for others not so much. Unlike the actual interstate highway system which is with a variety of products. Your life is not. There is only one strait lane and that is found in the Holy Bible.

A Son’s Request For A Hug Turns Tragic

So many times we take each other for granted and often parents are their teenage children squabble. Sadly those sometimes can lead to pain to bearable to stand.

There was a mother who was having a typical spat with her son over him wanting to go out and she said no. He wanted a hug and she said no as he walked out the door. The next time she saw her precious son he was brain dead. In the end she was forced to ” pull the plug”. He was 17. The woman has never gotten over it to this very day. So every time she leaves her husband ( not her son’s father) they tell each other how they feel about each other. So folks cherish those moments you have because you never know when something like this can happen to you!

CareGivers Juggle Several Balls

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Being a caregiver in whatever form is tough and there is no way around that fact. It can be exhausting both physically and mentally and the thing is if you can’t juggle several things at one time then sink like a rock in a lake. Sure the physical of it can wear you down but it’s the mental part that becomes a bear in which to deal. You live on a tightrope that at some point gets real small. You have to be able to move in a split second if your loved one’s health starts to fail. Even when you are away from your loved one you always have to be able to move quickly. One of the things others often forget is that although your wife or husband’s health is failing your other responsibilities as their spouse don’t go on vacation! They actually get heavier. As a caregiver, you will fall off that tightrope, and will you have someone to catch you? For most people, the answer is no. My hope is that is a situation doesn’t happen to you!

People Passing Through

Here is a harsh reality of life. About 90 to 95 percent of the people you come into connect with are just passing through. Yet it’s foolish to think those people were not important in your life. There are times that God brings these people into your life at just the right time. That’s not to say it can’t be difficult because it can and extremely painful. The thing is you never know which are just passing through and which are there for the long term. But then again wouldn’t life be rather boring if you had the same people to look at day after day!

Nicknames Influence Your Life

For many of us, we are given nicknames when we are very young. Mine is Duke and was given to me as a baby by a co-worker of my father’s. I was a big baby and he loved Joh Wayne. Hence the nickname Duke.

In ways, it has been a mixed blessing. To this very day if you want to get my attention just call me Duke and I will turn around. It is also what my father called me ( with many other things that I can’t put on here) and over the years it has just become part of me. The nickname is something that has certain connotations. Someone who is rough and tough who never shows emotions.

The thing is I can rough and tough but I am also someone who blushed easily. I am not afraid to cry or show emotions.

The thing is at this point in my life it’s something I could do without.

Is Your Life In Peril?

For many of us, we think that every single second our life is in peril. In some cases that is true but for most it’s not unless it is time for you to go to the great beyond.

While sitting on my back deck this morning and watching birds zip around looking for food this thought came to mind. The bird’s lives are generally in peril all the time. There are times that they can’t find food and knowing if they don’t it’s over.

So as you go through your daily life stop for a second and ponder the idea if your life is in true peril or you just like the adrenaline rush?