CareGivers Juggle Several Balls

Being a caregiver in whatever form is tough and there is no way around that fact. It can be exhausting both physically and mentally and the thing is if you can’t juggle several things at one time then sink like a rock in a lake. Sure the physical of it can wear you down but it’s the mental part that becomes a bear in which to deal. You live on a tightrope that at some point gets real small. You have to be able to move in a split second if your loved one’s health starts to fail. Even when you are away from your loved one you always have to be able to move quickly. One of the things others often forget is that although your wife or husband’s health is failing your other responsibilities as their spouse don’t go on vacation! They actually get heavier. As a caregiver, you will fall off that tightrope, and will you have someone to catch you? For most people, the answer is no. My hope is that is a situation doesn’t happen to you!

Living Your Life By The 5 Second Rule

Before I get into what the 5-second rule of life is I think an explanation is in order. Its concept is pretty simple. Whatever comes up in your life you better going take care of it right then because you have no idea what is going to happen 5 seconds from now. For that matter, you have no idea when your last breath will take place.

Having lived like this for the past 6 years or so, like anything in life there are pros and cons. The biggest pro is when something really serious happens you can have your total focus on that.

The biggest con is that it is such a mental and physical strain you will get to the point that life is not fun Sure you will smile in public and even laugh along the way but inside you are mentally waiting to push the go button again.

Will this change for me? It will at some point because that is life. That change could happen at any second but until then it’s 5 seconds at a time.

Writers Sleep Whats That?

Another early morning and of course my mind was running through things of which I need to write. As many of you know you have a choice of tossing and turning or biting the “bullet” and getting up. In the end, the tossing and turning isn’t going to stop and you know it!

So you get up and then most of those things you were tossing and turning about leave your brain by the time your feet hit the floor. So with that in mind, I figured I would brighten your morning with this beautiful picture.

So now we all face the dilemma of whether or not to go back to bed? I submit that going back to bed will put you in the same cycle. So get your cup of coffee and get to work because as writers it’s that constant solitude that only writers can understand!

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