Writers and Faith

Regardless of what religious views you have or may not there is one truth for writers.

All writers are deep people of faith because when you think about every time they write they are putting their writing of faith on the line. In ways, it really is a scary concept to actually contemplate.

Of course for those of us who have a passion for writing it’s in many ways it’s just the price we pay.

So those of us who love to write there is a faith that our words matter and there is no getting around it.

Your Soul Tired?

 As believers often we get so concerned about others that we forget about ourselves. We think if we do then we are being selfish. Over time you start to have problems sleeping (unless your a man over 50 who have another reason for not sleeping). In all seriousness often this problem is caused by what many refer to as a tired soul. You twist and turn for some reason and you can’t figure out why? Many struggles with the concept of a soul in the first place because it is not something you can physically touch. It is something that uniquely yours and you should protect it. So how do you help with that process? The first thing is you need to learn how to say no during your day. Not being able to say no just drains everything out of you. Your soul can take only so much on any given day so you need to protect it. Sure there will be people who won’t be happy when you say no but you have to ask yourself one question?

What’s more important to you making someone else happy or giving your soul some help during your day?

Your Life Like An Interstate Highway?

As we take a look at the current interstate highway system we need to take a look back at the concerns before it was built. When it was looked into the fear that over time the culture would become fractured and split. ( and that was before widespread air travel) One could easily argue that those concerns have come true today.

Then when we take a look at our own lives the same question could be asked. Has your life become so spread out that you have lost sight of what your priorities have become? I contend that for most of us that is exactly what has happened. Has it been intentional? In some cases yes but for others not so much. Unlike the actual interstate highway system which is with a variety of products. Your life is not. There is only one strait lane and that is found in the Holy Bible.

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