There a God?

How was this bang created? There is never a good explanation for that question.

My standard response is pretty basic. Go to any local zoo and look at the animals and then tell me there is no God? Of course, that proves my point exactly!

There are those who question if there is such a thing as God. If you think about it for a second this question is rather funny? Under this concept, there was some big bang somewhere, and all of a sudden the earth was formed. One question that those folks are never able to explain is if they truly believe that theory then this leads to one basic question?

Life’s Major Dilemmas

 There are times in life that a dilemma comes up that rips at your innermost being. I am currently facing one of the most difficult ones in years. It’s not like I haven’t been down this road before but this one is different. It’s different because it has to do with my spiritual home. A place I have known for over 20 years with countless friends and memories. Very often these things happen through no fault of our own. This is certainly the case with this situation. So with no clear answer in sight, I will sit here and listen to the birds maybe they will help me find an answer?

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