For those of you that claim you are not hiding something in your life, you are only fooling yourself! We all have something that we don’t what the world to know. Even in long-time marriages. I just love those couples who claim they share everything between them! After you get off that bottle of your favorite bottle of acholic beverage come back to the real world. The thing is do we want anyone to know exactly what we are thinking all the time? I suspect not. I know I don’t! The thing is sometimes we fool ourselves by thinking that with over 7 billion people on this earth that we are the only ones having these exact thoughts. We are not and that should be a comforting thought. So we all will continue to hide things and that will never change.

Change The Magical Word People Fear

Change a very simple word that consists of 6 letters in the English dictionary. Yet all of us waste so much time about what is going to happen? The truth is it never does happen the way we figured out it would. Then all that worry about a certain kind of change was a useless endeavor. Then we do it again with the same nonresult. And change happens every second you are alive.

The first step in recovery is admitting you worry about change way too much. I am more than willing to be first in that line any day of the week! We can have all the intellectual talks we want but we will continue to worry about change.

So do any of you have any change out there? Oh, I forgot they don’t give that back anymore.

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