For those of you that claim you are not hiding something in your life, you are only fooling yourself! We all have something that we don’t what the world to know. Even in long-time marriages. I just love those couples who claim they share everything between them! After you get off that bottle of your favorite bottle of acholic beverage come back to the real world. The thing is do we want anyone to know exactly what we are thinking all the time? I suspect not. I know I don’t! The thing is sometimes we fool ourselves by thinking that with over 7 billion people on this earth that we are the only ones having these exact thoughts. We are not and that should be a comforting thought. So we all will continue to hide things and that will never change.

CareGivers Juggle Several Balls

Being a caregiver in whatever form is tough and there is no way around that fact. It can be exhausting both physically and mentally and the thing is if you can’t juggle several things at one time then sink like a rock in a lake. Sure the physical of it can wear you down but it’s the mental part that becomes a bear in which to deal. You live on a tightrope that at some point gets real small. You have to be able to move in a split second if your loved one’s health starts to fail. Even when you are away from your loved one you always have to be able to move quickly. One of the things others often forget is that although your wife or husband’s health is failing your other responsibilities as their spouse don’t go on vacation! They actually get heavier. As a caregiver, you will fall off that tightrope, and will you have someone to catch you? For most people, the answer is no. My hope is that is a situation doesn’t happen to you!

Hats Women Wear

While observing a unique woman yesterday as she stepped out of her car she looked so beat up. I suspect this woman puts on many hats each day. She could be a mother, wife, sibling, business owner, etc. I suspect she has times when she loves many of them. Yet she could be wearing so many hats that the most important one she often forgets.

The most important one is her taking care of herself. You see if she doesn’t do that then those other things don’t matter. So the question then becomes how can we help her? Those closest to her need to take a hard look at how she is spending her day? How much of it is spent wearing the hats she loves versus those things that others can help her with and by doing that giving her time to breathe. She has to feel comfortable knowing it’s ok to take time for her. So what happens if you don’t help her along her journey?

One day her loved ones will be standing by her bedside while she fights for her life. Maybe if others along the way would have helped her out she may have had more strength and will to continue the fight?

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