Writers True To Yourself

When we begin to write we often have a mindset that we want to become a certain kind of writer. The thing is that it can diminish your creative thoughts. Sure there are basic concepts in writing but I think that as writers we need to ask ourselves one question.

Am I truly being honest with myself or am I trying to fit into a certain genre? Those can be two different things altogether and can lead to years of frustration. I know there are sometimes social pressures that can push you in a certain direction. Then inevitably this leads to the ultimate question.

How much are you willing to compromise and ignore the kind of writing that you were meant to write?

Sleep Optional For Writers

For those of us who love to write sleep can become an optional exercise at best. It’s one of those things people don’t understand. Sure there could be other factors but in the end writers’ brains don’t have an off switch.

I know there are times when people have “writers’ block” but is it that or other factors? When you have other issues going on in your life it can be difficult to concentrate but is that “writers’ block”? Just a thought to ponder.

Writers Always Tweaking

For those of us who love to write we have many bad habits. However, without a doubt the biggest one is that we are never satisfied with what we write. We are always tweaking something. It could be a phrase, sentence structure or punctuation. ( which I get real lazy about) Like most people we fall into certain habits and for writers redundancy is a real trap. Just like in speech patterns we fall into some of the same traps in writing. Something else that all people who write is not to rely on spell check to ( that was intentional) much. It should have been too ( which means also) So writers will continue to tweak this and that and that will never change.

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