Blog Profanity Not Here!

Folks on this one I could really be on a rant about profanity on blogs. It is their right to do so and it’s my right not to participate in that garbage! When someone uses profanity to make their point they are showing their lack of intelligence to show how really small-minded they are and that is sad. As comedians will tell you that it’s easy to make people laugh with the use of profanity. It’s an art form to do it without it. I think as we write we should have a sense of responsibility to our readers. The thing is if you use it a lot in your personal life then it will naturally bleed into your writing.

Now let me make this clear. I have used profanity ( especially on home repairs) and I will again. My late father taught me that if men are talking among themselves that’s one thing but when a woman shows up that stuff stops!

But then again if you don’t have self-filters in your personal life then you won’t have them in a public forum.

Bloggers # 1 Mistake In Writing

As someone who has been in the blog world for a very long time the single biggest mistake is that bloggers feel oblicated to write novels

I am sure that you have so many pearls of wisdom to share with all of us. If people want to read a novel they will buy a book! Especially in a world today in which people want instant gratification they will not take that long to read a blog post.

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