Writers Reality

For those who really love to write and share it with others, we face a reality. The reality is that we have no idea if anyone is reading what we write or getting something out of it? Or for that matter are they sharing it with someone else? I might write something today that doesn’t mean anything to someone else for years. So it’s a reality you just have to accept. I think one of the biggest mistakes writers make is that they want to be writing all kinds of different things That’s not me.

I do have some general guidelines for my writing. The first is that women never have to worry about clicking on my site and finding offensive content. The will be no political or social issues written about. 

My blog here is just observations I have made through the years. 

They will normally be about a 2 to 5-minute read. So enjoy!

Writers Always Tweaking

For those of us who love to write we have many bad habits. However, without a doubt the biggest one is that we are never satisfied with what we write. We are always tweaking something. It could be a phrase, sentence structure or punctuation. ( which I get real lazy about) Like most people we fall into certain habits and for writers redundancy is a real trap. Just like in speech patterns we fall into some of the same traps in writing. Something else that all people who write is not to rely on spell check to ( that was intentional) much. It should have been too ( which means also) So writers will continue to tweak this and that and that will never change.

Bloggers # 1 Mistake In Writing

As someone who has been in the blog world for a very long time the single biggest mistake is that bloggers feel oblicated to write novels

I am sure that you have so many pearls of wisdom to share with all of us. If people want to read a novel they will buy a book! Especially in a world today in which people want instant gratification they will not take that long to read a blog post.

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