For those of you that claim you are not hiding something in your life, you are only fooling yourself! We all have something that we don’t what the world to know. Even in long-time marriages. I just love those couples who claim they share everything between them! After you get off that bottle of your favorite bottle of acholic beverage come back to the real world. The thing is do we want anyone to know exactly what we are thinking all the time? I suspect not. I know I don’t! The thing is sometimes we fool ourselves by thinking that with over 7 billion people on this earth that we are the only ones having these exact thoughts. We are not and that should be a comforting thought. So we all will continue to hide things and that will never change.

Scramble Eggs Welcome To Life!

So it seems every time you turn around your life looks like scrambled eggs on a Saturday morning? You often lament and wail like a crying baby and that is your choice but leave every else alone. Just go on with your crying and hopefully one day you will come to a simple conclusion. Everybody’s life in one form are scrambled eggs it’s just a matter of how much and realize that some are small and some are larger.

So another way of putting is that you weren’t promised a rose garden which in reality is a misnomer because rose gardens are full of ways to hurt you. There are many examples that could be used to get back to this central point.

Your life is like scrambled eggs and all I can say is welcome to the club!

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