Excuse Me My Time Matters!

In any 24-hour time frame, there are 86,000 seconds and those are mine and mine alone except when others think they don’t matter but theirs does. Many of us have been stuck in a grocery store line while the cashier and the customer share stories and laughs. In doing so they are saying their 86,000 seconds are more important than mine! On the subject of grocery lines. Here is a little secret. You will have to pay for your items once you are done. It is a participatory activity so be prepared to pay for your stuff before you get to the end! It is something that ironically has gotten worse over the years. Back in the days when people used cash and people actually knew how to give back change was a much quicker process.

On a much more serious note about time the older you get the more, you realize how precious time is and how many loved ones have passed on.

You see by deciding to read what I have just written you have decided to take some of your 86,000 seconds this day and for that, I am truly appreciative.

A Son’s Request For A Hug Turns Tragic

So many times we take each other for granted and often parents are their teenage children squabble. Sadly those sometimes can lead to pain to bearable to stand.

There was a mother who was having a typical spat with her son over him wanting to go out and she said no. He wanted a hug and she said no as he walked out the door. The next time she saw her precious son he was brain dead. In the end, she was forced to ” pull the plug”. He was 17. The woman has never gotten over it to this very day. So every time she leaves her husband ( not her son’s father) they tell each other how they feel about each other. So folks cherish those moments you have because you never know when something like this can happen to you!

Hats Women Wear

While observing a unique woman yesterday as she stepped out of her car she looked so beat up. I suspect this woman puts on many hats each day. She could be a mother, wife, sibling, business owner, etc. I suspect she has times when she loves many of them. Yet she could be wearing so many hats that the most important one she often forgets.

The most important one is her taking care of herself. You see if she doesn’t do that then those other things don’t matter. So the question then becomes how can we help her? Those closest to her need to take a hard look at how she is spending her day? How much of it is spent wearing the hats she loves versus those things that others can help her with and by doing that giving her time to breathe. She has to feel comfortable knowing it’s ok to take time for her. So what happens if you don’t help her along her journey?

One day her loved ones will be standing by her bedside while she fights for her life. Maybe if others along the way would have helped her out she may have had more strength and will to continue the fight?

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