Blog Friends, I Do Miss All Of You

For many of us who have wandered around this blog world for decades, we have those times that life’s events take us away from doing what we love. We often try to avoid it happening but it does. The thing is when these things happen there is such a void in our lives.

In many ways, as we age it gets more and more difficult to find the time or the physical ability.

My first blog went by Duke1959 and that later change to 1959 duke and that went for a very long time. Then one day about 6 years ago my world blew up and although I continued to write some I just had to stop it. It just got too emotionally painful to continue.

This one and Duke’s Place are probably my last 2 blogs and in ways that is sad. Then the question comes? What am I going to do with all of these posts?

As I sit here watching my cat looking out the front door as she is basking in the sun. I can’t help but think that we were all like that when we first started blogging. Life seemed so clearly defined.

Now you look back and wonder how all those wonderful people in my blogging world are doing and I hope their blogging advaentiure has been worth the trip?

A Writers Reality

For those of us who love to write there are certain realities in which you learn comes with the territory.

1.) There is no instant gratification.

2.) You never know if your writing will cause someone to think or not?

3.) There are people who are not going to agree with you.

4) My favorite one is when people think I am writing about them personally. That is really rare but that’s not say I don’t take inspiration from those who come into my life. ( or have in the past)

Siblings Heartbreak

Through the years many siblings drift apart or decide to get angry about something and vow to never speak to them again. Under certain circumstances that is necessary.

However, in the vast majority it over stuff that when you look back at it was really so trivial in nature. Then the years pass and you reflect on why you have no contact with your siblings at all? The sad reality is that nobody wins in the long run.

I know with mine I really have no idea why we don’t? They for whatever reason decided that I did qualify to be their brother. To this day I carry any ill will towards my brother and hope and pray that they are have long and fulfilling lives. In the end we all lost and that is a loss none of us will ever realize the cost we paid!

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