Your Life Like An Interstate Highway?

As we take a look at the current interstate highway system we need to take a look back at the concerns before it was built. When it was looked into the fear that over time the culture would become fractured and split. ( and that was before widespread air travel) One could easily argue that those concerns have come true today.

Then when we take a look at our own lives the same question could be asked. Has your life become so spread out that you have lost sight of what your priorities have become? I contend that for most of us that is exactly what has happened. Has it been intentional? In some cases yes but for others not so much. Unlike the actual interstate highway system which is with a variety of products. Your life is not. There is only one strait lane and that is found in the Holy Bible.

The Knock on The Door That You Always Fear

The night was June 14th, 1982 at around 2: a.m. there was a knock on the front door. That can mean only one thing at that time in the morning that something has happened that all policeman’s families fear. My dad had been shot at work by some glue-sniffing, alcohol bomb-throwing thug. The ” shooting ” simply changed everything in ways none of us expected.

Thankfully my father did survive by about the width of a small hair. It sped up my parents divorce, it created a huge gap between my older brother and myself. I knew dad had to go back to work to face his fears while my brother thought he should simply retired. He did return to work for about another 3 years and then retired. His career lasted 27 years. The fear of losing him never stopped.

However, some good things did happen after the ” shooting”. A woman who my dad had dated in High School came by to see him. After my parent’s divorce, they spent the next 30 years together until his death in 2008. I still speak to her to this very day.

My mother on the other had met a wonderful man who became by a step-father. He was a man of honor and dignity until his death in 2018.

So through all the tragic things that can happen in your life something wonderful can happen.

Bad Things And Good People

Many of us through the years have heard this one basic question. Why do bad things happen to good people?

The thing is that everyone has their own definition of what a good person is or is not and that is why that question can never fully be answered. Just a thought!

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