Older Folks Don’t Always Have a Support System

One of the biggest myths about growing old is that by then you will have a support system in place. Sorry folks that often is not the case. They often look around and wonder what happened? It wasn’t supposed to turn out like but it has and it’s brutal. Sure those long time church friends play a vital role in helping you keep some sense of sanity. Otherwise there would be no hope. You hope one day it will change but at your age the odds are really slim. So you keep plugging away at it knowing that your fate is pretty much sealed. Your just waiting for that train to hit. The thing is you never know when it will hit but it’s coming and there is nothing you can do about it.

Church Rudeness On Sunday Morning

In a sad trend that started many years ago church’s are many times the rudest place around on Sunday mornings. Part of it is just the overall crassness of our culture in the past 30 years.

What happens is that someone who walks in has somebody they are intent on speaking to even if that person is speaking to someone else. So they just walk up and start talking without any regard to the person that was not the subject of their mission. Way too often the person that was “targeted” just walks off with that person and continues their talk. In doing so the other person is left standing there alone. The hidden message is that their life is not as important. One of the most common excuses is that ” well it’s Sunday morning and people understand”. By saying something like that they are saying that on Sunday morning in a house of faith it’s ok to be rude to others that they would never do in their daily lives? How interesting?

Cleansing Of Your Soul?

Each day is a totally new adventure full of twist and unexpected turns. Yet sometimes the most important part of your being gets left behind. That is taking the time to cleanse your soul at least once a day. For many it’s a daily habit of being in God’s word. On this one I have found that women are much better at it than men. Sorry guys we have a tendency to let that part slide some. I am not claiming that finding the time each day is easy because for many it is not. It does back to one basic concept and that is how you spent those 24 hours you have each day!

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