For those of you that claim you are not hiding something in your life, you are only fooling yourself! We all have something that we don’t what the world to know. Even in long-time marriages. I just love those couples who claim they share everything between them! After you get off that bottle of your favorite bottle of acholic beverage come back to the real world. The thing is do we want anyone to know exactly what we are thinking all the time? I suspect not. I know I don’t! The thing is sometimes we fool ourselves by thinking that with over 7 billion people on this earth that we are the only ones having these exact thoughts. We are not and that should be a comforting thought. So we all will continue to hide things and that will never change.

Hats Women Wear

While observing a unique woman yesterday as she stepped out of her car she looked so beat up. I suspect this woman puts on many hats each day. She could be a mother, wife, sibling, business owner, etc. I suspect she has times when she loves many of them. Yet she could be wearing so many hats that the most important one she often forgets.

The most important one is her taking care of herself. You see if she doesn’t do that then those other things don’t matter. So the question then becomes how can we help her? Those closest to her need to take a hard look at how she is spending her day? How much of it is spent wearing the hats she loves versus those things that others can help her with and by doing that giving her time to breathe. She has to feel comfortable knowing it’s ok to take time for her. So what happens if you don’t help her along her journey?

One day her loved ones will be standing by her bedside while she fights for her life. Maybe if others along the way would have helped her out she may have had more strength and will to continue the fight?

Having been there by that bedside all alone it’s a road you don’t want to travel!

Living Your Life By The 5 Second Rule

Before I get into what the 5-second rule of life is I think an explanation is in order. Its concept is pretty simple. Whatever comes up in your life you better going take care of it right then because you have no idea what is going to happen 5 seconds from now. For that matter, you have no idea when your last breath will take place.

Having lived like this for the past 6 years or so, like anything in life there are pros and cons. The biggest pro is when something really serious happens you can have your total focus on that.

The biggest con is that it is such a mental and physical strain you will get to the point that life is not fun Sure you will smile in public and even laugh along the way but inside you are mentally waiting to push the go button again.

Will this change for me? It will at some point because that is life. That change could happen at any second but until then it’s 5 seconds at a time.

Bloggers # 1 Mistake In Writing

As someone who has been in the blog world for a very long time the single biggest mistake is that bloggers feel oblicated to write novels

I am sure that you have so many pearls of wisdom to share with all of us. If people want to read a novel they will buy a book! Especially in a world today in which people want instant gratification they will not take that long to read a blog post.

Nicknames Influence Your Life

For many of us, we are given nicknames when we are very young. Mine is Duke and was given to me as a baby by a co-worker of my father’s. I was a big baby and he loved Joh Wayne. Hence the nickname Duke.

In ways, it has been a mixed blessing. To this very day if you want to get my attention just call me Duke and I will turn around. It is also what my father called me ( with many other things that I can’t put on here) and over the years it has just become part of me. The nickname is something that has certain connotations. Someone who is rough and tough who never shows emotions.

The thing is I can rough and tough but I am also someone who blushed easily. I am not afraid to cry or show emotions.

The thing is at this point in my life it’s something I could do without.

Is Your Life In Peril?

For many of us, we think that every single second our life is in peril. In some cases that is true but for most it’s not unless it is time for you to go to the great beyond.

While sitting on my back deck this morning and watching birds zip around looking for food this thought came to mind. The bird’s lives are generally in peril all the time. There are times that they can’t find food and knowing if they don’t it’s over.

So as you go through your daily life stop for a second and ponder the idea if your life is in true peril or you just like the adrenaline rush?