Hats Women Wear

While observing a unique woman yesterday as she stepped out of her car she looked so beat up. I suspect this woman puts on many hats each day. She could be a mother, wife, sibling, business owner, etc. I suspect she has times when she loves many of them. Yet she could be wearing so many hats that the most important one she often forgets.

The most important one is her taking care of herself. You see if she doesn’t do that then those other things don’t matter. So the question then becomes how can we help her? Those closest to her need to take a hard look at how she is spending her day? How much of it is spent wearing the hats she loves versus those things that others can help her with and by doing that giving her time to breathe. She has to feel comfortable knowing it’s ok to take time for her. So what happens if you don’t help her along her journey?

One day her loved ones will be standing by her bedside while she fights for her life. Maybe if others along the way would have helped her out she may have had more strength and will to continue the fight?

Having been there by that bedside all alone it’s a road you don’t want to travel!

Parents The Time Hammer Awaits You!

Parents there is a hammer in your future and many of you don’t even realize it. Now I am not talking about a physical hammer but something that is much more dangerous and you need to correct today! You can’t change what has happened in the past but you sure can in the future. This is so urgent that you really need to take a hard look at your life.

This hammer is so dangerous that although your children hold it and they don’t even realize it until they get older!

So what is the hammer I am referencing? The hammer is one word!


One of my favorite sayings is that ” I don’t know or care what my parents got me for Christmas in 1965″. What I do care about is the lack of time I got to spend with my late father. He was working several jobs to provide for our family which is an admirable trait.

This matter really became clear in the early 1970s when I was at football practice and of course, my coach was worried that some bad had happened.

My father’s question was pretty simple. “Can I see my son because we live in the same house and haven’t spoken in 6 weeks”? It was not the typical teenage son thinking that dad was the dumbest person on the planet.

Now he’s gone for good and I would give up anything to just spent 5 more minutes with him.

So you as a parent have a choice. Do you want that hammer to be a big one or a small one? The clock is ticking and it could stop at any second.

Change The Magical Word People Fear

Change a very simple word that consists of 6 letters in the English dictionary. Yet all of us waste so much time about what is going to happen? The truth is it never does happen the way we figured out it would. Then all that worry about a certain kind of change was a useless endeavor. Then we do it again with the same nonresult. And change happens every second you are alive.

The first step in recovery is admitting you worry about change way too much. I am more than willing to be first in that line any day of the week! We can have all the intellectual talks we want but we will continue to worry about change.

So do any of you have any change out there? Oh, I forgot they don’t give that back anymore.

Scramble Eggs Welcome To Life!

So it seems every time you turn around your life looks like scrambled eggs on a Saturday morning? You often lament and wail like a crying baby and that is your choice but leave every else alone. Just go on with your crying and hopefully one day you will come to a simple conclusion. Everybody’s life in one form are scrambled eggs it’s just a matter of how much and realize that some are small and some are larger.

Welcome Home!

So another way of putting is that you weren’t promised a rose garden which in reality is a misnomer because rose gardens are full of ways to hurt you. There are many examples that could be used to get back to this central point.

Your life is like scrambled eggs and all I can say is welcome to the club!

The Golden Years?

When we were young and thought after years of hard work the golden years would welcome you with open arms. Sorry to pop that bubble but won’t turn out like that for most people! So I compiled a shortlist of the things that awaits you!

  1. Your life is centered on when your next doctor’s appointment is scheduled.
  2. Your body simply doesn’t do what it used to be able to do!
  3. That dream home on the beach probably won’t happen.
  4. You could very well become a widow or widower
  5. You realize that about 90 to 95 percent are just passing through your life
  6. When you look back on your life things didn’t turn out the way you thought they would.
  7. Reading obituaries comes with your morning cup of coffee!

I know there are many more and please feel free to add some.

The golden years you can wait on them!

Weather Your Dailey Friend

We have all done it numerous times. We complain about the one thing that nobody can change and of course, that is the weather. It’s either too hot, cold, rainy, cloudy and the list goes on. The reason that the weather is at the top of most local news is that people want to know about something they can’t control. The weather folks do their best to predict what is going to happen but in the end, it’s an informed educated guess. People forget that at its core weather is science. Then again most things in life science play a major role and we don’t even know it!

For me here in the south it’s the end of June so it’s a pretty good bet that it will be hot with a chance of storms. Pretty much it was like last year and the year before that and so on.

So enjoy your weather because it’s going to change whether you like it or not.