Her Gentle Sleep

Her chest barely moves as I wonder if she is even still breathing. For that’s the thing about her gentle sleep it’s been like that since childbirth many years ago. But underneath that gentle sleep is a woman who for nearly 5 decades fulfilled her passion in life. When she became an RN on that glorious August Day she had no idea what her passion would lead her. This woman of faith is tired. It’s not like she wants to die but her glorious home awaits her. For that she is confident and that’s all that matters. So will this be the day Our Lord and Saviour call her home? Only he knows that as it should.

Your Soul Tired?

 As believers often we get so concerned about others that we forget about ourselves. We think if we do then we are being selfish. Over time you start to have problems sleeping (unless your a man over 50 who have another reason for not sleeping). In all seriousness often this problem is caused by what many refer to as a tired soul. You twist and turn for some reason and you can’t figure out why? Many struggles with the concept of a soul in the first place because it is not something you can physically touch. It is something that uniquely yours and you should protect it. So how do you help with that process? The first thing is you need to learn how to say no during your day. Not being able to say no just drains everything out of you. Your soul can take only so much on any given day so you need to protect it. Sure there will be people who won’t be happy when you say no but you have to ask yourself one question?

What’s more important to you making someone else happy or giving your soul some help during your day?

Older Folks Don’t Always Have a Support System

One of the biggest myths about growing old is that by then you will have a support system in place. Sorry folks that often is not the case. They often look around and wonder what happened? It wasn’t supposed to turn out like but it has and it’s brutal. Sure those long time church friends play a vital role in helping you keep some sense of sanity. Otherwise there would be no hope. You hope one day it will change but at your age the odds are really slim. So you keep plugging away at it knowing that your fate is pretty much sealed. Your just waiting for that train to hit. The thing is you never know when it will hit but it’s coming and there is nothing you can do about it.

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