Writers and Faith

Regardless of what religious views you have or may not there is one truth for writers.

All writers are deep people of faith because when you think about every time they write they are putting their writing of faith on the line. In ways, it really is a scary concept to actually contemplate.

Of course for those of us who have a passion for writing it’s in many ways it’s just the price we pay.

So those of us who love to write there is a faith that our words matter and there is no getting around it.


For many, there is that belief that you only sin when you’re awake. I am not so sure about that? My contention is that we sin regardless of whether we are sleeping or not. Scripture talks about thoughts, words, and deeds. It does not say when you are sleeping you cannot sin.

Let’s say you are lusting over a lost love from decades ago when you are sleeping. Is that not a sin? What about sleeping and thinking of your dream car? Is that a sin? The list could go on for a long time. I also understand there are different levels of sleep. 

However, I think that only claiming you can sin when your awake you are only fooling yourself. 

There a God?

How was this bang created? There is never a good explanation for that question.

My standard response is pretty basic. Go to any local zoo and look at the animals and then tell me there is no God? Of course, that proves my point exactly!

There are those who question if there is such a thing as God. If you think about it for a second this question is rather funny? Under this concept, there was some big bang somewhere, and all of a sudden the earth was formed. One question that those folks are never able to explain is if they truly believe that theory then this leads to one basic question?

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