Is This Your Life?

For so many of us this broken bird feeder after bringing us so much joy has finally broken.

So in this your spiritual life a broken bird feeder? To anyone who believes that their spirtual “bird feeder” will never get broken for time to time they are only fooling themselve!

Unlike an actual birdfeeder there is a way to fix yours and all you have to remember one basic fact of life.

When Lord and Savior died on the cross he died for all of the dumb and stupid things he knew we were all going to do at some point.

No matter what you are going through or have done there are 3 words that you need have a big neon sign in your head that says ” He Is Risen”. That should be all the comfort you need and if it’s not you need to rethink your thought process.

Can I Just Be Me To You?

The title of this song comes from the Statler Brothers called “Different Things To Different People”. The song laments the one thing in life that many crave but few ever get. We often lament that we could have that one person with that we can just be ourselves.

Pepsi Zero Good Morning Again

As with any other early morning of not being able to sleep because I know I have an old friend who awaits.

My Pepsi zero is nice and cold when I reach for it in my refrigerator.

All writers have a go-to drink to when they sit down and for me, it’s Pepsi zero. I don’t know there is just something I enjoy.

So to you my friend thanks for being by my side, especially on these early mornings.

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