Is There Anyone There?

So often in life, we wonder if there is anyone out there for us? Very regularly it’s a common hidden secret in our souls. You put on this public face that everything is ok but it’s not and you know it!

So many people take for granted that they have people in their lives that they can reach out to for some input. An example is let’s say it’s Tuesday morning around 10 a.m. and you need someone to bounce a financial issue over and there is nobody to reach out to and the harsh reality of your life hit’s you in the face again. There is no one and you are forced to make these decisions alone which you do about 90% of your day anyway. It is your reality and you learn to accept whether you like it or not!

Did You Ever Wonder?

Did you ever wonder when someone calls you they ask what are you doing? Instead of what where you doing?

Did you ever wonder why there are so many blondes walking around that are actual blondes and not blondes with some help?

Did you ever wonder why when you were called to the principles office for a fight and the other guy wasn’t there?

Did you ever wonder why ladies can’t seem to go to the restroom alone?

Did you ever wonder why people yell and scream at what’s going on in the nations capital but never seem to have time to take out the trash?

Siblings Heartbreak

Through the years many siblings drift apart or decide to get angry about something and vow to never speak to them again. Under certain circumstances that is necessary.

However, in the vast majority it over stuff that when you look back at it was really so trivial in nature. Then the years pass and you reflect on why you have no contact with your siblings at all? The sad reality is that nobody wins in the long run.

I know with mine I really have no idea why we don’t? They for whatever reason decided that I did qualify to be their brother. To this day I carry any ill will towards my brother and hope and pray that they are have long and fulfilling lives. In the end we all lost and that is a loss none of us will ever realize the cost we paid!

Atheist It’s Ok

There are those people who claim to be atheists ( they believe there is no God) but when you challenge them on their beliefs. Oh, I forgot they don’t have those? They simply have no argument and they know it! At its core isn’t any belief come from God?

Meriam Webster Definition of Belief: a state or habit of mind in which trust or confidence is placed in some person or thing

So they are hypocrites when they say there is no God. If there is no God then why do they spend so much time denying there is a God? One would think that since they believe there is no God the topic should never cross their mind! Yet it does.

One of the arguments you get is that you can’t prove God exists? (Of course, believers can very easily.) They fail to mention they can’t prove there isn’t?

So as believers the question then becomes how do we with this issue as it comes up? I think an all-out verbal attack is counterproductive.

First of all, pray for them. In many ways, many atheists are trying to prove their point by watching you fall on your face! Always keep in mind that Satan is at work here by presenting this person into your life. Then you need to let God do his thing!