They Have Gone To a Better Place Triteness?

There is a question that needs to be looked at in a closer manner? That question is the things that are said at the time of someone’s death. The question is are the things that are said at the time of someone’s death become trite? For some people with certain held beliefs they are not and should be respected. In respects, those comments have probably become trite. This is probably caused because people really don’t know what to say? Another factor that cannot be overlooked is that as a culture we never talk about death. Which is sort of odd when you think about it? Another thing that cannot be overlooked is comments like ” nobody is getting out of this alive”. Those comments have a tendency to make light of a very serious issue. Have these comments become trite? I think it’s something that needs to have a vibrate discussion over.

Older Folks Don’t Always Have a Support System

One of the biggest myths about growing old is that by then you will have a support system in place. Sorry folks that often is not the case. They often look around and wonder what happened? It wasn’t supposed to turn out like but it has and it’s brutal. Sure those long time church friends play a vital role in helping you keep some sense of sanity. Otherwise there would be no hope. You hope one day it will change but at your age the odds are really slim. So you keep plugging away at it knowing that your fate is pretty much sealed. Your just waiting for that train to hit. The thing is you never know when it will hit but it’s coming and there is nothing you can do about it.

Lord God Almighty Your Power Source?

There are times in life when the electricity in our home goes out. Then panic sets in because we cannot operate those many things that we rely on. Yes for many it’s a nuisance and realizes that the power will come back on. Which leads us to a more interesting question?

What is the true power source in your life? Many believers, they will say that is an easy question to answer. But is it? In a world full of sin we can all easily fall into certain traps that take us away from our true power source. There is only one true power source in all of humanity and that comes from The Lord God Almighty. So where does your power source come from?

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