Cleansing Of Your Soul?

Each day is a totally new adventure full of twist and unexpected turns. Yet sometimes the most important part of your being gets left behind. That is taking the time to cleanse your soul at least once a day. For many it’s a daily habit of being in God’s word. On this one I have found that women are much better at it than men. Sorry guys we have a tendency to let that part slide some. I am not claiming that finding the time each day is easy because for many it is not. It does back to one basic concept and that is how you spent those 24 hours you have each day!

Husbands # 1 Priority Her Safety

As a husband, we have many responsibilities but there is one that is number 1 and there is no dispute about that.

Your first priority is to make sure your spouse feels safe that can take many forms but her physical safety comes first. This is the woman that you spend your life with and in many times has fathered your children. So why wouldn’t want her to feel safe physically? If she doesn’t feel that then it’s your responsibility to make sure she does. If she does not then she has no chance of becoming the God-fearing woman who touches so many each day. After all, isn’t that what you want her to become anyway? She also has to feel safe enough that she knows she can come to you about anything without fear on any subject.

In my own marriage that now spans over 25 years, I started the practice way back then if she gives that ” we need to look talk ” I simply stop what I am doing. Now that doesn’t mean at times you wonder why something was so important. The key thing is for her it is and that’s all that matters!

So men when was the last time that you asked your spouse if she felt safe? I suspect not often.

Now ladies my position on this issue doesn’t give you the right to blast away at your husband over anything. You have a responsibility to in your relationship to your to be respectful of him also.

Life’s If Only

As we age we have a habit of looking back at our lives and wonder ” if only”. If only I would have done such and such? Or if only I would have been more understanding things could have been different? You have no way of knowing that for a fact! Maybe if you could go back and change things the way you feel they should have been handle then things would have been different? Oh really?

A good example is this one. Almost 25 years ago someone answered an ad to a Christian singles paper and that led him to the love of his life. What if only he had not answered that ad and continued his life?

We can all beat ourselves to death with this ” if only ” game but all that does get you emotionally worn out.

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