Christian Men’s Outreach

I think its one of the things that most Christian men fail at is true outreach to other men. Partly it’s biological and it can’t be argued that is part of this failure. Another part of this failure is that most men come from the mindset that if you don’t ( or didn’t) have a career or a college education you just aren’t like them. For many women adding a new woman to their group is no big deal. To most men that is simply not the case. For the men that are not included in these circles those other men often feel unwelcomed even at churches, they have gone to for decades. There are those ” other” men who practically beg for help to find a men’s bible study from leadership on down and they are simply ignored. You have situations in which a man is facing the toughest challenge in their life and mention that to other men ( including some in leadership) that they can’t go through this alone. ( with a couple of exceptions) Then sadly that is what that ” other” man faces. You have situations that those men are taken off the weekly e-mail list for no reason. Will these situations change? I suspect not. So those “other” men over time just give up and that is truly sad and disappointing.

Smiling is Allowed In Church

Ladies and gentlemen scripture talks about having a joyful spirit . You could never tell it in most sanctuaries on Sunday mornings! People stare ahead like a deer in headlights! In all fairness people have many stress and strains in their lives. For many it’s the only break they get from a tough week. So if you see someone who looks really tired say ” hi” because that simple word can speak volumes!

Sunday Morning Customs Have Changed

There was a time when going to church on Sunday morning was common. Sad to say that custom along with many others has faded away. In today’s world, it’s all about what the individual person wants. So now people are sitting around wondering why the culture has fallen apart? It’s sort of simple to figure out!

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