An Old Man His Church and Empty Pews

As I sat alone in church this morning I couldn’t help wonder why there are so many empty pews? Yet deep inside I knew the reason. The faces that I had grown to know and love had gone home to their eternal resting place.

Even though for years we knew this transition was going to take place that doesn’t make it any easier in which to deal with. The reality is that there are more on the way and one of them could be me!

It’s been over 20 years since I first took a step into this place. Sure there have been good times and bad but it’s still home and it will be until I take my final breath.

Faith On Your Head?

Many claim that their faith is as solid as a rock. Of course they are only fooling themselves and that is dangerous! So that begs the question of just is what your faith based on and why? For way to many their faith is like balancing on their heads not knowing which they will fall?

The thing is even if you think you have your life in balance you are heading for an epic fall. There is no such thing as a totally balance life so why make the effor? Because we are all sinners and fall short of the glory of God. Sometimes life isn’t nearly as complicated as we want to make it!

Men and Women Of Faith In Politics?

Ok, let’s get real about things about most of these politicians who promote their faith and values are being hypocrites. They call each other horrible names that they would never use in their personal lives with friends and families.

The reason they do it is actually is very simple. Satan is having a field day and is using these folks as a weapon in a battle he will lose in the end!

This happens regardless of your political beliefs or convictions. So no one is immune to it happening to them.

Country music star Bill Anderson sang a song many years ago called “Where Have All Our Hero’s Gone” and that song talks about men wearing a white hat. The thing is we don’t have men like that anymore. Men who could care less about how things could bother them politically.

So the hypocrisy continues and it will not change and Satan is laughing right along each and every day!

CDC The False God

There is a very disturbing trend when it comes to the worshiping of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (CDC) It’s like these folks walk on water and I thought Jesus was the only one who did that!

During a time of great moral decline, one would think that people would dive headlong into their faith and many have done so. The problem is that in a country of some 330 million people the numbers are minuscule in comparison to the vast majority of others who worship at the feet of the CDC. The scary part is that this is also very common within churches. One of the most common phrases today is ” We are going by the CDC guidelines”. Or in other words, churches have pretty much said that an organization that is secular in nature is in charge! What is wrong with this picture?

We can bellyache all we want but who is responsible for who and what we decide to worship?

The point here is that anytime you let organizations like the CDC dictate who you worship and in what form you are worshiping a false idol.

I understand that cultures need to have a basic set of norms to survive but at what cost? I suspect a very high one, to say the least.

Scripture is very clear on the issue that anytime you worship anything else but The Lord God Almighty you are worshiping a false idol. Plain and simple.

So people will continue to worship and the feet of the CDC and all along Satan just sits back and smiles.

Atheist It’s Ok

There are those people who claim to be atheists ( they believe there is no God) but when you challenge them on their beliefs. Oh, I forgot they don’t have those? They simply have no argument and they know it! At its core isn’t any belief come from God?

Meriam Webster Definition of Belief: a state or habit of mind in which trust or confidence is placed in some person or thing

So they are hypocrites when they say there is no God. If there is no God then why do they spend so much time denying there is a God? One would think that since they believe there is no God the topic should never cross their mind! Yet it does.

One of the arguments you get is that you can’t prove God exists? (Of course, believers can very easily.) They fail to mention they can’t prove there isn’t?

So as believers the question then becomes how do we with this issue as it comes up? I think an all-out verbal attack is counterproductive.

First of all, pray for them. In many ways, many atheists are trying to prove their point by watching you fall on your face! Always keep in mind that Satan is at work here by presenting this person into your life. Then you need to let God do his thing!