Projections In Life

Let’s be honest folks we are all guilty of projecting what is going to happen in the future or conversation. Of course, things never turn out the way you think they will for one simple reason. Sin. It sounds like a simple concept but in reality, it’s very complex. But let’s not get too ahead of ourselves. Just because we are all sinners that doesn’t give us the right to treat others any way we please. I think so often people use sin as an excuse for their conduct. Isn’t there something in scripture about repentance? I have yet to see in scripture a place that says you can treat others any way you want?

So we all will keep on projecting and we will always be wrong. I guess that’s just part of the human experince? 

Always keep in mind that there is only one who has a projector that has a perfect view and that is the Lord God Almighty!

God Your Windshield Wiper

Have you ever noticed that when you turn on your windshield wipers they clean whatever may be on the glass? Isn’t that what God does in your life? 

We continuously do dumb and stupid stuff. We project about how things are going to turn out but they never do! The reason is pretty simple. We are all sinners and God is always the windshield wiper that is always there to make your glass clean again.

Make-Up Often Hides the Pain

While observing some very talented women (with their own unique style) I couldn’t help but wonder what was really going on behind society’s expectations with their looks. Often we see only the outside but never the real story of their lives. What their true and open feelings are hidden behind society’s public mask.
It brings one to wonder if they put on this public mask to hide the pain they are truly feeling?

Satan Never Stops Attacking

If there is one thing for such is that believers are under constant attack by satan. Satan attacks in subtle ways and even more obvious ways. The last thing satan wants for those who are growing closer to God is to prevent that at all costs! The only way that will ever end is the day you go meet The Lord God Almighty! Until then it’s all-out warfare and the only way to combat the fight is to turn to your bible and fellow believers!

You Know What You Must Do

There are times in life you must do something that deep down inside you really don’t want to do but in the end, you know the only person you’re fooling is yourself. Sometimes this requires breaking away from others you have known for decades. You have to accept the fact that others have very full lives and for some reason, you don’t. This is especially tough as you grow older. In the end by making this decision your life really won’t change that much and that creates a void in your soul that cannot be filled.

They Have Gone To a Better Place Triteness?

There is a question that needs to be looked at in a closer manner? That question is the things that are said at the time of someone’s death. The question is are the things that are said at the time of someone’s death become trite? For some people with certain held beliefs they are not and should be respected. In respects, those comments have probably become trite. This is probably caused because people really don’t know what to say? Another factor that cannot be overlooked is that as a culture we never talk about death. Which is sort of odd when you think about it? Another thing that cannot be overlooked are comments like ” nobody is getting out of this alive”. Those comments have a tendency to make light of a very serious issue. Have these comments become trite? I think it’s something that needs to have a vibrate discussion over.