Writers Find Your Lane………..

While driving down the road there are lanes in which you are to stay. I think most people at least try to do that.

Then there are people who have a passion for writing and often they have no idea what lane of writing they are in and don’t care to find out! Then they wonder why they don’t get more attention?

The success of any restaurant franchised company is the fact that when you walk into one of their locations you pretty much know what to expect. The same should be true with your writing. You do not go to a McDonald’s for a fine steak or to a 5-star restaurant for a hamburger.

So as a writer you need to decide which lane is best for you and stick to it regardless. Otherwise, you will be a Mcdonald’s that is trying to sell fine steak!

Writing and Life

For those of us who love to write it gets really frustrating when life events get in the way. The reality of life is that they do and that will never change. Of course, that also gives as writer a plethora of new subject matter. What people around us fail to see is that they are all subject to being part of your writing! You learn to change names ( and protect the innocent) with phrasing. I do find it rather amusing that many people think that something I wrote was about them and in reality, it had nothing to do with them at all. For me, it’s a combination of people and events that lead me to write about something. The thing is I never know when these inspirations or events will trigger something and neither do those around me!

Faith On Your Head?

Many claims that their faith is as solid as a rock. Of course, they are only fooling themselves and that is dangerous! So that begs the question of just is what your faith is based on and why? For a way too many their faith is like balancing on their heads not knowing which they will fall?

The thing is even if you think you have your life in balance you are heading for an epic fall. There is no such thing as a totally balanced life so why make the effort? Because we are all sinners and fall short of the glory of God. Sometimes life isn’t nearly as complicated as we want to make it!

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