Women and Home Maintenace

Here is a memo for all of those home improvement stores. When a woman takes her precious time it should be respected. She doesn’t walk in with a neon sign on her forehead with the words I am stupid across it so you can sell me a bunch of stuff I don’t need! By the way, those classes they hold are for one purpose and that is to get you to buy their products!

Having spent over 30 years doing these kinds of things it gets really frustrating to see this happen time and time again! The truth is most home repairs are pretty basic. There is one rule though that can NEVER be ignored!

If you think you have a major electrical problem you need to hire a licensed professional. Under no circumstances should ever consider opening the door to your circuit box! You respect electricity or it will remind you too!

So, what is the solution? The first thing is to use common sense. Remember with electricity for it to word in a cycle. Example. When you flip your light switch on the light comes on. When you flip your light switch down the light turns off. It’s because that circuit gets broken.

When in doubt take the part you need to the store you need to get replaced. Remember that there is some sort of identification on the part you take with you. If they can’t match it exactly then that will not solve your problem.

Ladies you can do these things with some knowledge.