Weather Your Dailey Friend

We have all done it numerous times. We complain about the one thing that nobody can change and of course, that is the weather. It’s either too hot, cold, rainy, cloudy and the list goes on. The reason that the weather is at the top of most local news is that people want to know about something they can’t control. The weather folks do their best to predict what is going to happen but in the end, it’s an informed educated guess. People forget that at its core weather is science. Then again most things in life science play a major role and we don’t even know it!

For me here in the south it’s the end of June so it’s a pretty good bet that it will be hot with a chance of storms. Pretty much it was like last year and the year before that and so on.

So enjoy your weather because it’s going to change whether you like it or not.

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