Angels In Your Life

For many of us when we think of angels we often have some kind of spiritual connotation in mind. Then there are those unsung angels that just show up unexpectedly. Many years ago my wife was having her second major surgery within 9 days of each other. So I was just walking around and killing time. My walk took me by the hospital cafeteria which was no big deal. Boy was I wrong! As I continued to walk a woman approaches me with this question? ” sir I’ve seen you walking around a lot the last few days and if you don’t have any money we can go into the cafeteria and use my hospital credit to get you something to eat?” I assured her I did have the money and thanked her for her kindness. What neither one of us had any way of knowing that within about 7 hours I would be standing by the one all alone ( except the medical professionals) thinking the one that means everything to me was going to be gone within minutes. She has surprised us all and we still have her these many years later. Of course, those same issues are still with us and by the time I post this, she could be gone. You see I wouldn’t be sitting here this morning if it wasn’t for those unsung angels that have come along at just the right time.

One thought on “Angels In Your Life

  1. God has a plan for your lives, and right now, He wants you both here!
    Mike, thanks for sharing and for recognizing the Hand of God in your lives.
    Blessings – Lee


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