The Good Old Days

As we age we have a tendency to think of years past as the good old days. I hate to burst that bubble but they weren’t. In the U.S. many look back at the 1950s with fondness. It may be because those were perceived as quieter times. They were not by any imagination. There was the all-out possibility of thermal nuclear war. Those were the days of the old duck and cover drills. You United States Senate hearings on espionage. There was a Senator who openly called the President of the United State a traitor. He died in a plane crash they claimed was an accident. Many others have thought for years that it wasn’t an accident!

Then there was the Koren War which the vast majority of the media didn’t bother to cover. Listen to the stories of what those men and women went through and their bravery cannot be underestimated.

All generations look back with fondness but in the end, their lives like people before had it’s own special problems.