Relax You Are Not That Important!

In a culture that is all about “me” let me give you some unsolicited advice. Relax you are not that important to the rest of the world and frankly some of those around you. So many confuse confidence and self-importance. Confidence is one’s own capabilities versus self-importance which is exaggerating one’s own value. It’s easy to get the two confused and the sad part is that people’s lives are being ruined.

There has always been this tug and pull between the two but in today’s culture and social media, it has turned into a mess with no way out. Something that many get all caught up in is the number of followers they have and helps the follower how? So this notion of self-importance has gotten so out of whack that people are committing suicide over it.

So what has caused this to happen? The breakdown of the traditional family and neighborhoods. I know growing up that there were certain things that were not going to be tolerated. Ironically those lessons of life that I fought so hard to disobey has helped guide me through the most difficult times in my life.

There is a saying that goes ” The Lord Jesus Christ made the word “I” the smallest word in the dictionary for a reason”. Sadly so many in our culture have grown to be more concerned about what someone on social media thinks of them.