Projections In Life

Let’s be honest folks we are all guilty of projecting what is going to happen in the future or conversation. Of course, things never turn out the way you think they will for one simple reason. Sin. It sounds like a simple concept but in reality, it’s very complex. But let’s not get too ahead of ourselves. Just because we are all sinners that doesn’t give us the right to treat others any way we please. I think so often people use sin as an excuse for their conduct. Isn’t there something in scripture about repentance? I have yet to see in scripture a place that says you can treat others any way you want?

So we all will keep on projecting and we will always be wrong. I guess that’s just part of the human experince? 

Always keep in mind that there is only one who has a projector that has a perfect view and that is the Lord God Almighty!