Dysfunctional Family?

Often in today’s world, we hear the excuse that someone has come from a dysfunctional famiy. What does that mean anyway? In reality, it’s just another psycho-babble phrase that has become a crutch for so many. Since Adam and Eve, there has been what many today would call a dysfunctional family. Through the years the culture has gone through these phases of labeling everything! This is just another phase.

As the saying goes ” your friends pick you but you have no choice in who is in your family”. To a large extent that is true and will probably never change. What this phase has led to is too many people not taking responsibility for their actions.

Here’s a news flash! If you did it you did it and have to live with the consequences of your actions. I once heard a Pastor say that when he still did counseling ( his church is too big for that now) he would often hear ” you don’t know what I have been through?” His response was ” I don’t know and I don’t care.” It’s not that he didn’t care it was he was trying to get people to take responsibility for their action!

I was fortunate to have a father who would simply not tolerate that nonsense. This childhood story demonstrates his teaching about sure things. In the house, I spent my early years in we have a garage with a number of single pain glass panels. Then one day my best friend and I were goofing around and he threw a rock and broke one. Of course, he wanted to run from it but I knew better. So we go tell my dad about what had happened and his response was “Mike ( not me) let’s go to the hardware store and get new glass.” Then instead of replacing the glass himself, he taught Mike how to replace it. After that Mike would break one of those pieces of glass and he would go tell my dad and off to the hardware they went. The message my dad was sending was something that many in our culture need to learn real quick.

So you say you come from a dysfunctional family? The sad truth is that your true dysfunction is between your ears.