CDC The False God

There is a very disturbing trend when it comes to the worshiping of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (CDC) It’s like these folks walk on water and I thought Jesus was the only one who did that!

During a time of great moral decline, one would think that people would dive headlong into their faith and many have done so. The problem is that in a country of some 330 million people the numbers are minuscule in comparison to the vast majority of others who worship at the feet of the CDC. The scary part is that this is also very common within churches. One of the most common phrases today is ” We are going by the CDC guidelines”. Or in other words, churches have pretty much said that an organization that is secular in nature is in charge! What is wrong with this picture?

We can bellyache all we want but who is responsible for who and what we decide to worship?

The point here is that anytime you let organizations like the CDC dictate who you worship and in what form you are worshiping a false idol.

I understand that cultures need to have a basic set of norms to survive but at what cost? I suspect a very high one, to say the least.

Scripture is very clear on the issue that anytime you worship anything else but The Lord God Almighty you are worshiping a false idol. Plain and simple.

So people will continue to worship and the feet of the CDC and all along Satan just sits back and smiles.

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