Needs Verses Wants

In today’s culture, there is this distorted view of needs versus wants. Needs are pretty basic. Things like a roof over your head, good health, food, and a few others.

Wants are pretty much everything else. People often want the newest consumer product or fad. They want a bigger house in the ” best neighborhood”. They want the newest car model and that list is pretty much too long to write. 

As the saying goes ” you can’t take it with you” yet people continue to get these wants in a hidden hope that it will make things better. In many ways, it’s a false hope. The fact is all of those wants one day will end up in a landfill and then they will have their meeting with The Lord God Almighty. Then the only true need they will have is a wave of eternal peace. Until then it’s a pretty basic choice.  Are you concerned about your needs ( and helping others) or building up a pile full of wants. The choice is up to you.

One thought on “Needs Verses Wants

  1. Well said, Mike. The more “stuff” we get, the more we need to make us “happy”
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts


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