No Solo’s In Life and Church


In my first college class, my professor had a favorite saying ” There are no solos”. She was referring to the fact that you would never succeed in college if you tried to go it alone. 

Isn’t that the same in church? Sure there are ways to make it through your spiritual journey on your own I guess? It is not phrased like that college professor did but there is the same basic concept in the bible. Unfortunately, there are many that are given their situation they feel like they are going solo. That includes people you see in church on a regular basis. It’s more common than one would think. 

So are there people who feel like they are going solo through their spiritual journey and life? Yes! 

Could it be helped in a major way? I think so but it would require people to get out their own way and truly reach out to other members of the church. These people very often cry out for help to other believers and are simply ignored. Which is clearly not what scripture teaches us.