Who Are You Really?

Photo by Guillaume Meurice on Pexels.com

Many times in life people ask you about what you do etc? Of course, we can give a long list of all of the different answers. Be it husband, wife, brother, or sister among other things. Those are the many different hats you wear. It\’s not the answer to the most basic question anyone can answer.
Who are you really? It can be a difficult question to answer because for many it\’s a place they do not want to go to emotionally.
For me personally, I know that answer for me. I am a St. Louis City beat cops kid.  What does that mean exactly?
It means in those really tough times I can be somewhat cold and not thoughtful of others\’ feelings. My dad taught me in those situations you get the information you feel is important. Then you make a decision and simply move on. You cannot allow yourself to get caught up in others\’ feelings and emotions. You are not in a popularity contest. 

However, like all things in life, there is a price you pay. It can be days or weeks before you deal with what just happened. To be honest about it you can get caught up in things that really are not important. Now all of that is subject to change if God decides to change things. 

It\’s a tough question and the only one who can help you answer it for yourself is The Lord God Almighty.