Writers Reality

For those who really love to write and share it with others, we face a reality. The reality is that we have no idea if anyone is reading what we write or getting something out of it? Or for that matter are they sharing it with someone else? I might write something today that doesn’t mean anything to someone else for years. So it’s a reality you just have to accept. I think one of the biggest mistakes writers make is that they want to be writing all kinds of different things That’s not me.

I do have some general guidelines for my writing. The first is that women never have to worry about clicking on my site and finding offensive content. The will be no political or social issues written about. 

My blog here is just observations I have made through the years. 

They will normally be about a 2 to 5-minute read. So enjoy!

Needs Verses Wants

In today’s culture, there is this distorted view of needs versus wants. Needs are pretty basic. Things like a roof over your head, good health, food, and a few others.

Wants are pretty much everything else. People often want the newest consumer product or fad. They want a bigger house in the ” best neighborhood”. They want the newest car model and that list is pretty much too long to write. 

As the saying goes ” you can’t take it with you” yet people continue to get these wants in a hidden hope that it will make things better. In many ways, it’s a false hope. The fact is all of those wants one day will end up in a landfill and then they will have their meeting with The Lord God Almighty. Then the only true need they will have is a wave of eternal peace. Until then it’s a pretty basic choice.  Are you concerned about your needs ( and helping others) or building up a pile full of wants. The choice is up to you.

No Solo’s In Life and Church

Photo by ROMAN ODINTSOV on Pexels.com

In my first college class, my professor had a favorite saying ” There are no solos”. She was referring to the fact that you would never succeed in college if you tried to go it alone. 

Isn’t that the same in church? Sure there are ways to make it through your spiritual journey on your own I guess? It is not phrased like that college professor did but there is the same basic concept in the bible. Unfortunately, there are many that are given their situation they feel like they are going solo. That includes people you see in church on a regular basis. It’s more common than one would think. 

So are there people who feel like they are going solo through their spiritual journey and life? Yes! 

Could it be helped in a major way? I think so but it would require people to get out their own way and truly reach out to other members of the church. These people very often cry out for help to other believers and are simply ignored. Which is clearly not what scripture teaches us.

Storms Verses Rain In Our Lives

So often in life, people use the phrase storms of life when in reality there are very few actual true storms of life. If you live long enough you will have very few storms of life. Those things include things like the loss of a loved one, serious health issues, job loss, etc.

Everything else is the rain of everyday life that we all think they are a major storm but there not. If you have been married long enough you come to realize that most days of marriage are rather mundane. Couples fall into routines until a true storm hits.  The thing is we have no way of knowing when a true storm will hit? So with that perspective in keep in mind to build a core belief system during the rain so you can handle the true storms of life! Because when that storm hits it’s not the time to find one.

Longing For Your Eternal Home?

Photo by David Frampton on Pexels.com

Often people mention longing for home in reference to their physical home here on this earth. For believers, the home they long for is a place where all their pain and suffering in their earthly being will end. It will be a glorious day for you but in many ways a very sad day for those you leave behind. There will be talk that you are in a better place and you will be that is for sure. But for those, you leave behind the pain. will be like no other. It will only end for them when they go to their eternal home! In the meantime, you will wait for them until God calls them home!

Small Groups Are So Important

I have been asked through the years how megachurches become megachurches. In my past life, I was in a conservative non-denominational for years and witnessed firsthand how important small groups fuel the beast. Don’t get me wrong not all small groups are created equally.  As the saying goes” the best thing about the church is that there are people in them. the worst part is that there are people in them”.  The is true with small groups but the positives far outweigh the negatives.
Small groups accomplish certain things that are important. They study the word of God, they help keep people accountable but just as important is they keep an eye out for each other especially as we go through difficult times.